Wiegel SOLAR

The mobile solar hot-water treatment plant

"awarded the Design- und Erfinderpreis 2014"

The mobile solar hot-water treatment plant comprises two largesize collectors of 10.5 sqms each, a pre-tank and a main tank as well as a programmable solar control.

The setting angle of the collectors may be adjusted manually.

To be able to transport the plant on land, at sea and in the air, it has been installed in a 20-foot Iso container.

The largesize collectors are stored inside the containers during shipment.

The fastening of the collectors at the roof is done at the site of installation using a special construction with twist lock.

Unloading and complete assembly require a crane.


Collector area21 sqms
Storage volume2.000 liters
Installation space required (footprint) 6,1 m x 2,5 m
Maximum hot-water capacity1.900 liters/d
Installation + Commissioning 8 hours

Fields of application

- Mobile or stationary field camps
- Outdoor-Events
- Initial medical treatment by aid agencies
- Exploitation of raw materials in unsettled regions



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